The world of Pekalla

Pekalla's world

Welcome to the world of crystal glass, a world whose origins date back to 1984, a world where we polish our emotions, giving a unique shape to your everyday life. Stay with us and let the story continue ...


Our story begins with a dream ... Dreams about creating something special, awakening the love of beauty in people, showing that every everyday life can be filled with the glow of a crystal ...


This dream has brought us to where we are now, proud of what we have already achieved, full of expectations for what is still ahead of us, because dreams are still next to us, just like the vase we have been in every year, from flowers have been blooming for over 50 years.


The most important was and is the technique that allows you to manually make, process and grind the crystals in such a way that they are in line with the traditions on which the greatest grinders grew up.


Our foundations are not only traditional cuts and precise execution, but also proven materials and suppliers. It is also caring for each other, experiencing everyday life with tenderness, sensitivity, openness and passion.

Dostawa i Płatności

shipping and Payment

We ship our products all over the world. More information about payments can be found:

Before shipment, all products are carefully checked and properly secured. Each order is marked with an appropriate sticker, thanks to which it is treated with special care.

The crystal products should arrive at you in perfect condition. However, if something does happen, rest assured, the transport is insured.

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