About PekallaMolendi, a cut full of tradition.

Molendi, a cut full of tradition.

In Poland, grinding traditions allowed for the development of several extremely well-known and recognized worldwide themes that decorate glasses, platters, bowls and other crystal products. One of such cuts is “Mlynek”, which is now known as Molendi in our studio.  It is a living classic, perfectly combining what is old with what is new.

The Mlynek cut appeared in grinding workshops in the mid-nineteenth century in Silesia. It is here that the first masters of metallurgy gave rise to new forms of decorating glass products. Since then, the Mlynek cut has been around in our studios. It happened that its form was slightly changed, but the strength of the original meant that we still use traditional designs. 

Stanisław Pękała



We probably know the Mlynek cut from childhood – who among us did not admire the beautiful crystals in the homes of grandparents and elegant aunts? Potted fruit bowls, glass flower baskets, wine and vodka glasses, platters and bowls. Used only for special occasions, polished several times a year, we associate them with important moments and a real holiday. Today, our memories come alive and have the opportunity to appear also on our tables and in our homes.

Sugar Bowls Molendi

Mlynek cut is currently one of the most frequently chosen designs decorating crystal products. It combines elegance and extravagance, classics, tradition and the modern need to aesthetize our surroundings. It is eagerly used not only by Polish customers, but also by our regular foreign recipients. The timelessness of this cut makes it adored and recognizable in various parts of the world.

The Molendi collection is extremely rich – we can find crystal products that will answer our needs. There are not only beautiful glasses for drinking various drinks, but also bowls, sugar bowls, decanters and platters that allow you to discover the magic of crystals at different times and moments in our history. As a result, the products from the Molendi Collection can become a perfect gift for people close to us – on the occasion of Christmas or celebrating important moments and new traditions.

Molendi Crystal Stemwares

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