About PekallaHow to make our crystals stay with you for many years?

How to make our crystals stay with you for many years?

Everything that is unique should be properly taken care of. The secret of crystals lies in their delicacy, which requires special treatment. That is why we would like to provide you with some valuable tips on how to take care of PEKALLA crystals so that they will accompany you for many evenings and meetings with your loved ones.

  • Mechanical washing definitely doesn’t affect well for crystals – instead of a dishwasher, choose manual cleaning. This way you will avoid scratching the crystal vessels and, in the case of colored crystals, the loss of color.
  • Instead of strong, chemical detergents, choose gentle washing-up liquids that will not damage the crystal structure and will additionally support its care.
  • Delicate sponges and washcloths are best for cleaning the crystals. Avoid rough structures that can lead to scratches.
  • Make sure to wash the crystals immediately after use. Certain drinks and food, such as red wine, can leave stains on crystal dishes that are difficult to remove.
  • Use lukewarm, non-hot water, which is perfect for washing crystals. Too high temperature during washing may harm them.
  • After washing, let them dry, then polish with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth.

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