About Pekallacrystals that will work as Christmas gifts.

crystals that will work as Christmas gifts.

Christmas are a special time on our calendar. They are a moment to catch your breath, enjoy the moments spent with your loved ones, collect memories and discover the magic of being here and now … Each of us combines Christmas with the characteristic aromas of spices, sweet orange flavor, green trees and warm light. It is a time of closeness and joy in which we want to give our loved ones the best. Because we also associate holidays with gifts, straight from the heart …

Traditions of the PEKALLA brand

In our family business, we have been spending Christmas for many years in the company of unique crystals – thanks to them, meetings at the common table become magical and important. We believe that the atmosphere of time spent with loved ones helps us record memories on our memory cards. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to some Christmas inspiration by creating a PEKALLA-style gift box, which we hope will be helpful in your Christmas list of gifts. Let this year’s holidays shine with the glow of real crystals!

Christmas crystals – the perfect gift idea

Why are crystals a great Christmas gift? In our opinion, they have something magical about them that makes meetings, places and moments truly special. Crystal glasses have been accompanying us in making important toasts for years, they also remember long conversations and the best types of wine. Objects become participants in the events we record in our memories. The aura of such memories is filled with light, warmth, sometimes emotions and great kindness. That is why we know that when you decide to give our crystals to your loved ones, you choose not only high-quality aesthetic objects, but also elements of subsequent meetings that will write the history of your acquaintances.

Crystals are an elegant addition to our everyday life. They can light up minimalist tableware and add character to wine meetings. They allow us to enjoy the moment and become connoisseurs of everyday life – this way we can see something new and unusual in well-known moments and annual meetings.

Which crystals are perfect as Christmas gifts?

When preparing a list of Christmas gifts, it is worth paying attention to our collections of Molendi, Kalatina and Iris. Why should they be under the Christmas tree?

Products from the Molendi collection combine classics and tradition with what we are currently looking for in the world of design. They allow us to tell about crystals anew – the cut we know from our grandparents house can become part of contemporary meetings. We can find here not only glasses, which are always perfect as gifts, but also elegant, slightly extravagant decanters and sugar bowls. A whisky decanter will be a great gift for lovers of strong drinks who appreciate not only the taste and aroma of alcohol, but also the aesthetic side of tasting. Sugar bowls, on the other hand, will become a perfect addition to the dining room and living room – they can act as a designer candlestick or a classic fruit bowl.

Crystals from the Iris collection will be a great idea for a Christmas gift for people who value elegance and a pinch of glamor style. They can become a minimalistic addition to a richly set table, or a unique element of the evening – it all depends on our imagination. We especially recommend wine glasses from this series – their shape gives them lightness, at the same time reminiscent of the Christmas table from “The Nutcracker”. Fantasy is combined with reality, thus creating a perfect gift for those who appreciate the plasticity and flexibility of objects.

Crystals from our latest Kalatina collection can also be a special Christmas gift. Available in three color variants – Mokka, Olive and Sunset, they are extremely plastic and stimulate the imagination. It is a game of colors, sparkles and shades that are created in combination with light. The products from the Kalatina series will be a great gift for those closest to you who are open to a new form and looking for a new aesthetic. The subtle shape and delicate colors allow us to combine different variants and give someone an extremely colorful gift. The crystals from the Kalatina collection give us the opportunity to find something more in the crystals – it is not only a Christmas table at the grandparents house, but an introduction to the modern search for beauty.

The Christmas table is an inseparable companion of family gatherings, it is a place full of closeness and love, where we feel joy and happiness while celebrating our shared moments. With each breath, we experience these good emotions, unique moments that pass and come back to us again. Their anecdote is the Aria collection, inspired by air, and air is life after all.

The crystals from the Aria collection, occupying an important place at our festive table, during toasts and celebrations, allow us to catch our breath, feel this unusual and magical atmosphere – it is for such moments we create and manufacture our products.

Give PEKALLA Crystals for Christmas

Crystals are a great gift idea – they are timeless, they can give a unique character to every meeting and every space. We believe that they can bring a smile not only to the elderly members of our family. We know from experience that the young generation eagerly reaches for crystal accessories that combine childhood memories with an attempt to create their own traditions and customs. Thanks to this, the crystals can still be part of home stories and meetings at the holiday table.

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