There are several moments throughout the year that we believe deserve a special celebration – one of them is Christmas, magical, warm, full of light and family glow. When creating our brand, we deeply believed and still believe that what creates the magic of certain moments is the presence of our loved ones. Once again, […]

At PEKALLA, we believe in changes, we like to look for inspiration and new paths that we can follow. That is why we have reached further and created collections that match the latest trends and aesthetic searches of our clients. We strive to find forms that will be associated with nature, simplicity and minimalism. We […]


In Poland, grinding traditions allowed for the development of several extremely well-known and recognized worldwide themes that decorate glasses, platters, bowls and other crystal products. One of such cuts is “Mlynek”, which is now known as Molendi in our studio.  It is a living classic, perfectly combining what is old with what is new. The […]

The beginnings … The 1980s, a couple of young artists come to Tarnobrzeg, in love with each other and in art that they want to share with people. Teresa and Stanisław Pękała have just graduated from school and won the title of glass decorator-technologist, they both dream of acting and developing. New projects and inspirations […]

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