Our crystal beer tasting glasses are a great choice for any beer lover. Made of high-quality crystal, they provide not only a beautiful appearance, but also excellent quality of the drink. Thanks to the specially designed form and thickness of the glass, each sip of beer is an unforgettable taste experience. It is an ideal choice for people who appreciate not only the appearance, but also the quality and taste.

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We ship our products all over the world. More information about payments can be found:

Wszystkie produkty przed wysyłką są starannie sprawdzane i odpowiednio zabezpieczane. Każde zamówienie oznakujemy odpowiednią naklejką, dzięki temu jest ono traktowane ze szczególną ostrożnością.

The crystal products should arrive at you in perfect condition. However, if something does happen, rest assured, the transport is insured.

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